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The Acudor GFRG Advantage

The Acudor GFRG Advantage

Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum
Acudor GFRG access panels are designed to blend seamlessly into your drywall walls and ceilings. GFRG panels are made from Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum and 70% post-consumer recycled glass which results in an extremely sustainable design.

These access panels are the perfect solution where access is required at regular intervals, while providing a discreet appearance. GFRG panels are an excellent choice for use in many applications, including Corporate, Hospitality, Retail, Commercial, Residential, and more. Light-weight and easily textured, these panels can be used in both new and retrofit construction across unlimited applications. GFRG doors consist of a surround frame and either a Pop-Out or Concealed Hinged door. The doors are available with several options which include a Radius or Square corner, as well as a Pop-Out or Hinged panel. A round door panel is also available. With 5 stock sizes, and fully custom sizes available, we have the ideal GFRG solution to accommodate your project.


The Acudor GFRG Advantage

Our GFRG design helps contractors work smarter, faster, and better with deeper tapered edges, level 5 finish, pre-countersunk locations with superior plywood embedments for addition mechanical strength for drywall joints that won’t shrink, crack, or sag. Our precision CNC machine controlled process provides an aesthetically pleasing solution for a more attractive interior.

Features include:

  • Tapered Edge for tape joint
  • Lightweight Design
  • No Shrinking, Cracking, Sagging, or Rusting
  • Concealed Hinge on hinged models
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Easily Textured
  • Blends Seamlessly into surrounding drywall
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Zero Mold & Fungus Growth
  • Standard and Custom Sizes available

GFRG Specifications:

  • Shell Thickness = .125” .375”
  • Fastener Test Pull Out (wood stud) = 525 lb. avg.
  • Fastener Test Pull Out (metal stud) = 525 lb. avg.
  • Fastener Push Through Test = 350 lb. avg.
  • Fuel Contribution (ASTM-E84-80) = 0
  • Flame Spread (ASTM-E84-80) = 0
  • Smoke Index (ASTM-E84-80) = 0
  • Combustion (ASTM-E84-80) = 0
  • Meets Class A flame spread reating in accordance with ASTM Standard E1264-08 and ASTM Standard E84-80



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