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Recessed 1" for Ceramic Tile/Concrete

Product Overview

FT-8050 Introduction

The Acudor FT-8050 is a recessed floor door for Ceramic Tile and Concrete. The FT-8050 is designed for interior and exterior applications that require an access opening that will blend in with the surrounding floor material.
  • Material:

    Aluminum door and frame; stainless steel hinges and hardware
  • Door:

    1/4" smooth aluminum plate reinforced for live load of 300 lb/sq. ft. Extruded edging is welded to door panel, providing a 1" recess
  • Frame:

    Channel frame fabricated from aluminum extrusion with 1 1/2" drainage coupling and integral 1" anchor flange
  • Hinge:

    Stainless steel continuous piano hinge
  • Opening Device:

    Automatic Hold-Open Arm with red vinyl grip allows door panel to open to 90 degrees, locking door in open position, and allowing for easy control when closing door panel. Stainless Steel Open Compression Springs provide lift assist. Available with electrical actuators, operated by wall mounted push button switch, and remote control
  • Standard Latch:

    Stainless steel slam lock with a fixed inside handle, removable outside handle, and removable threaded plug
  • Finish:

    Mill finish with bituminous coating applied to exterior of frame
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Product Highlights

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Recessed 1" to accommodate ceramic tile/concrete flooring.
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Door panel is equipped with a flush aluminum drop handle and an automatic hold open arm
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1/4" smooth aluminum plate reinforced for live load of 300 pounds/sq. ft.
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Angle frame fabricated from aluminum extrusion with integral 1" anchor flange on three sides and welded anchor straps on the hinge side
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Other sizes available upon request


Nominal Door Size W&HWeight per Door
24 x 24 610 x 610 70 32
24 x 30 610 x 762 93 42
24 x 36 610 x 914 98 44
30 x 30 762 x 762 106 48
36 x 36 914 x 914 143 65
36 x 48 914 x 1220 245 111
42 x 42 1067 x 1067 166 75
48 x 48* 1220 x 1220 220 100
48 x 72* 1220 x 1829 486 220
60 x 60* 1524 x 1524 440 200

* Double Leaf
For detailed specifications see submittal sheet

FT-8050, FT8050